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Specialised Services

Structured Cabling Solutions

ICS Integrated Cabling Solutions partner with leading suppliers to provide proven and quality structured cabling systems. With our partners we can provide extended warrantees on all systems with access to manufactures support for design and implementation of small to large campus cabling systems. Our design personnel are manufacturer trained to provide cost effective solutions to structured cabling design. 

All personnel have completed manufactures training and our installations comply with the manufacture’s guidelines and to Australian Standards. 

MATV and Foxtel systems

With the changes to Digital Television Reception in back in 2001, and the now available Smart TV integration possibilities there is an obvious need to select a company with the expertise to supply and install the latest technology to accommodate these newer technologies. ICS Integrated Cabling Solutions have trained technicians with the ability to design, supply and install MATV, Satellite, Foxtel, Terrestrial and Streaming services. All our technical and design staff are trained by the nationally recognized Matchmaster training program and can offer a total solutions package for commercial buildings.

Electronic Security

ICS Integrated Cabling Solutions supply and install electronic security, access control and CCTV systems to protect government, commercial and industrial properties. Our installation team specialise in complex systems for hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants and commercial premises. These complex systems allow for a tight security network around the client’s premises and can report security breaches to on site personnel, monitoring stations and SMS transmissions to one or more mobile phones.

Audio Visual

ICS Integrated Cabling Solutions have the expertise to carry out, design and install commercial grade public address and video distribution systems using the latest electronic technology to distribute video, music and public address announcements around commercial premises.

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